Divine Energy fulfiller of my desire to write effectively

Divine Energy

A few weeks after joining the COCH, one day I felt my mind would burst. That night I watched TV to divert my mind away from my thoughts. The next morning again the same experience of mind burst. With each and every thought I sensed my mind was churning those into speeches. Why speech? I asked the question to myself (isn’t this self-inquiry?). I recall two previous occurrences; An admin of a COCH group where I am a part of it, had mentioned documenting my experiences and sharing, and second I recall my phone conversation with the Master where I had mentioned my desire to have oratory and practical writing skills. These clues went unnoticed and I continued to have a mind burst. One day, I started writing then I experienced my mind becoming quiet. Energy forced me to write! literally it. How? Could be that, the unnoticed clues transitioned from unconsciousness to consciousness which helped me to start documenting. Now energy is inspiring me to write and improvise my skills. I am not claiming to be an expert but feeling happy with an objective getting achieved. Sometimes I am surprised when some words while writing automatically pop up. To make sure it fits, I end up checking the dictionary meaning Amazing! Isn’t it?
Being a techie, I have been writing only technical documents and executive reports now these kinds of articles. I am feeling satisfied. Grateful to Energy for the guidance.


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