"Direct path to Success Lies in Aligning Your Actions and Choices With Your Authentic Self"

– Sri Bhupendra
"Gain access to the wisdom that arises with the Self-Inquiry Process"
Experience how struggle melts into success, and decision-making brings miracles into routine.

A cutting-edge scientific solution synergized with universal spiritual laws awaits you, your organization, your venture, and your community to benefit

Welcome to the Circle of Consciousness & Happiness, where you will experience the harmonious integration of rigorous scientific methodologies with the guiding light of spiritual wisdom, propelling towards unparalleled success and fulfillment. If you’re prepared to embark or continue your journey toward reclaiming absolute freedom(from worries, fear, conditionings, sufferings), and emerge as a conscious leader instilling values and beliefs in your “Self” and those around you, we are happy to help.

Sri Bhupendra

Founder of Circle of Consciousness & Happiness


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Founder of Circle of Consciousness & Happiness

The Circle of Consciousness and Happiness (COCH) is an inspired movement led by him to foster the growth and cultivation of higher consciousness among individuals to become a visionary leaders. Its primary objective is to help individuals in manifesting their dreams by integrating the realms of Spirituality (Self-Inquiry) and Science (of Consciousness). COCH is in the making of harmonious world with the blend of these two domains, leveraging power of collective consciousness to propel reform on a global scale.

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  • Explore Infinite Possibilities

    Chaitanya Yog Kriya

    See and feel how 3-days can reshape your life

    Chaitanya Yog Kriya
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    The Meta Awakening

    The Circle of Consciousness & Happiness EMPLOYS A STATE-OF-THE-ART BENCHING FRAMEWORK called The Meta Awakening.
    The Meta Awakening


    Core Values


    At the core of our REAL SELF lies a profound emotion—a warm embrace of love that defines who we are and radiates through our existence.


    Embracing the primary element of our existence, love, we forgive our own deeds and mistakes, nurturing a deep sense of compassion within.


    Acceptance brings solace in the profound realization that every step of our journey has led us to precisely where we are meant to be.


    Gratitude becomes a bridge, bridging the gap between any limitations in our lives and the abundance of opportunities that await us


    In essence, surrender is the core that breathes life into love, compassion, acceptance, and gratitude.

    Circle of Consciousness & Happiness

    Core Values



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    In a momentous interview conducted by the USA national media June 13th, 2023, the #Founder of Circle of Consciousness & Happiness, Sri Bhupendra Chaudhary, took center stage at the famous New York Times Square. The interview served as an appealing platform for Sri Bhupendra to probe deep into the details of the Science of Consciousness, captivating audiences with his profound concepts and knowledge.
    newyork times news

    Newyork Times Square


    Today, amidst the anticipation and excitement surrounding the forthcoming release of my book, 'The Empire of a Yogi,' I had the opportunity to participate in a captivating pre-launch media briefing at the iconic Times Square in New York City.

    news event


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    Chandrashekhar Wagh

    Kirti Gadre

    Kirti Gadre


    Sonali Galhotra

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    Rajesh Singh


    Happy Members

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    Bharti Korde (Karjat, IN)

    Namo Narayan, Today's session was enriched with positivity and spirituality. Thank you to the energy that helped silence out the external noise and brought in peace and contentment.

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    Smriti Singh (Pune, IN)

    Amazing session as always. I learnt how to meet my real self. We should not carry burden on our shoulders. The art of letting go is tough but the consequences are awesome.

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    Asit Gosalia (Dallas, USA)

    Namo Narayan everyone. It was another refreshing and inspiring session. Appreciate all the experiences shared. The moral story in experiment segment by master was thought provoking.

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    Kranti Pathak (Milpitas, USA)

    Here I feel very real and true to myself. I am presenting myself as I am. No one is judging me on any basis. I feel very safe and sound.

    "I have experienced a total change in all aspects of my life, mainly the way I think and approach life and people. Words would be a very scarce resource to describe the experience."

    Akanksha Bector Mumbai, IN

    “After connecting to Dr. Bhupendra, it seems as though the entire universe is working in our favor to bring more happiness and joy in our life. Growth and success are a byproduct of being with this COCH connection. ”

    Sonali Galhotra San Francisco, CA

    Using the tools crafted by Sir Sri. Bhupendra have helped me to be free from past and future worries, and guilts. It is the beautiful gift we have learned! I continue using it, and experimenting with it. Taking one topic and working on it!! #FREEDOM.

    Chandrashekhar Senior Technologist

    Namo Narayan 🙏🏻 It's truly uplifting to hear about the positive experiences shared by fellow COCH family members ✨. Even though I feel sorry for not being able to attend last few sessions, I am constantly aware of Master's protective energy surrounding us, bringing in happiness, calmness and a sense of satisfaction in our daily lives.

    Bharti Korde Karjat,India


    For Self-Inquiry