Hey Siri, Hey Google, Hey Alexa, and now “Hey Energy” latest technology 

expanded consiousness

Siri, Google, Alexa, and all of the existing voice assistants use voice recognition, Natural Language Processing(NLP) integrated with Machine Learning(ML) to provide the desired results. The “Hey energy” command also works on similar lines and produces the desired results.

What is the “Hey Energy” command?
Have you heard of this concept and that too originating from the “Science of Spirituality”?
When I use “Hey Siri”, I know it works only on compatible devices based on iOS, “Hey Google” almost works everywhere. But all of these need devices/hardware and technology to process the voice data to provide desired results. But when I say “Hey Energy” which hardware and technology it uses? What does this command even mean? Welcome to the world of the “Circle of Consciousness and Happiness” aka #COCH

How and where to install the “Hey Energy” command
To utilize this command, one needs to have “Energy” installed on the most intelligent machine i.e. human body (device). This process is simple, one needs to join a Zoom conference to get energy through various forms. Once this installation is done, you are all set to start using “Hey Energy” fully compatible with all human beings, and better results if the device is fully ready to receive it without any mind blockages. 

What desired results you can have? 
I call this energy a technique with endless results to name a few – fixing the mood, detachment from the past, managing relationships positively and spiritually, making life happy and meaningful, turning dreams into reality, and so on.

How does it work? 
As I don’t know how it works, so I call it a mysterious technique. An effective technique for self-discovery wherein one has to ask quality questions to reveal the answers through consciousness. Should I spend time to understand the science or mysteries behind it? Rather I focus on how to use it. As it is divine energy so with full respect, I say “Hey Energy” Could you help ease the back pain? I observe the area where it starts working, Amazing! Isn’t it? If I feel negativity, I ask the question Why do I have such feelings? Rather than reading this article, if you want to experiment, join the #COCH and experience yourself. Existing members can try this new technology, invoke energy to help you out, and don’t forget to share your experiences.


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