Self-Inquiry Exercises

Our methods are crafted, refined and perfected based on 30 years of rigorous research. The mantra of this journey of self-discovery is, “Live the life of your dreams!” The objective of these events is to be the decision maker who crafts the dream life for the ‘Self’ and others too. connect yourself deeply with your own consciousness.

Chaitanya Yog Kriya

A Complete Overhaul of BRAIN, BODY and BEING

SAN JOSE, CA, USA, JUNE 21, 22,23, 2024



While most of our events are free for our members, access to some events is available upon registration or payment through the center.

Transform your life with the fusion of SPIRITUALITY, PHILOSOPHY, and MODERN SCIENCE.

When & Where Will the Event Be Held?

June 21, 2024 (Friday) June 23, 2024 (Sunday)

Double Tree by Hilton, San Jose, CA

Who Should Attend?

This event is for anyone who wants to experience higher levels of consciousness and truly transform their life.

What Does Your Ticket Include?

3-Day Event Pass, Event Kit, & Light Snacks

Reasons to attend the event?

  • Connect with your real self and experience pure consciousness.
  • Experience the divinity within you and feel the love, compassion, acceptance, and gratitude within and around you.
  • Meet thousands of realized souls on the same journey.
  • Prepare for a holistic life in which you are aware not just of your surroundings but the powers of the universe.
  • Find the answer to the question—‘Who am I?’
  • Learn how the universe helps in fulfilling your desires.


Free Initiatives

Weekly Online Conferences

Your dream life is vying for your attention. It’s not about ignoring every bump on the road. It’s about consciously practicing where you invest your energy to yield the best results on your journey.”

Welcome to the Centre for Consciousness & Happiness Events page. Our events have something for everyone on the journey towards expanded consciousness through Self-Inquiry.
Every week, we hold special meetings and events specially tailored for our members. Our team carefully curates these events under the guidance of our mentor, Sri Bhupendra, using current language and relevance for today’s young fellows, entrepreneurs, students, dreamers, aspirants, achievers, and all-age leaders.
Each of these conferences has a unique session led by Sri Bhupendra to promote the expansion of consciousness using scientifically proven methods without disconnecting from any of your routine activities and responsibilities. The events follow a structured program where all members are encouraged to share personal experiences with.
These conferences will enable you to discover and utilize pragmatic, operationalized, easy-to-use methods and resources that can help enhance your consciousness and improve every aspect of your life. Can we say this?

COMING ON 8th September

The Meta Awakening

State-of-the-art benching framework

Welcome to a phenomenal practice where every atom, molecule, every particle within us vibrates with life and consciousness, heading to an extraordinary and awe-inspiring experience. This awakening isn’t just about becoming aware of ourselves or our surroundings; it’s about tapping into a higher level of consciousness that brings clarity, insight, and a profound sense of purpose.

Well, stepping into The Meta Awakening is like living out the exclamation mark—bold, impactful, and full of vibrancy!

The program comprises of the latest research-based, scientifically proven, measurable, unique offerings designed for individuals, communities, teams, businesses and corporate organizations.

The Meta Awakening is not just a course, it’s a system to imbibe which will enable you and your team members to attain the following:

  • A peaceful and calm mind focused on the task at hand.
  • Progressive attitude and increased productivity.
  • Better team dynamics, navigating to a cohesive environment.
  • Diverse learning opportunities leading to ‘self-growth.’
  • Systematic and scientific way of achieving goals and targets.


A process that awakens, empowers, and uplifts you from the tiniest atoms in your body to the infinite multiverse that stretches beyond imagination. This journey, known scientifically as “Meta Awakening,” takes you from the roots to the stars, from the micro to the macro, from the innermost essence of you to the cosmic grandeur of the universe. It’s about harmonizing the smallest components of life with the expansive forces of the cosmos.

Become Unstoppable
Becoming a better version of yourself isn’t about following a set script or adhering to rigid beliefs. It’s about embracing your unique journey, respecting your individual strengths, and nurturing the gifts that no amount of money can buy. This process is personal and profound, allowing you to explore what it means to create a world that’s truly yours.

The Ripple Effect of Growth
When you transform, you create ripples. Those ripples touch the people around you, shaping lives in ways you may not even realize. Your journey of growth, from the core of your being to the expanse of the multiverse, becomes a source of inspiration and change for others. It’s not just about leaving footprints—it’s about making sure those footprints lead to a brighter future.

Make Your Mark on the World
It’s not enough to simply exist. We all want to leave a legacy, to know that our time on this planet made a difference. By engaging in the META AWAKENING process, you’re setting yourself on a path to create a legacy that resonates. A legacy that says, “I was here, and I mattered.”

meta awakening

Discover the power of synchronicity

These events help you discover the fact that the quality and standard of your present life are closely linked to the quality and depth of your consciousness. Your decisions, both big and small, shape the world we inhabit today, exerting a ripple effect on the present moment.

So, the key to conversing with the universe isn’t about yelling your desires into the void, it’s about vibrating at a frequency that matches your intentions.


For Self-Inquiry