Intellectual Satsang

Intellectual Satsang can help you expand your consciousness and experience ultimate fulfillment and focus.

पत्रम्, पुष्पम्, फलम्, तोयम्, यः, मे, भक्त्या, प्रयच्छति,
तत्, अहम्, भक्त्युपहृतम्, अश्नामि, प्रयतात्मनः।।26।।


“If one offers Me with devotion, a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or even water, I delightfully partake of that article offered with love by My devotee in pure consciousness.” 


जितात्मान: प्रशान्तस्य परमात्मा समाहित: | शीतोष्णसुखदुःखेषु तथा मानापमानयो: ||

(Reference Bhagavad-gītā Chapter-6, Verse-7)

The pure consciousness is rooted in the knowledge of the self controlled human whose mind is perfectly serene in the midst of pairs of opposites such as cold and heat, joy and sorrow, and honor and ignominy.

Pure consciousness is like reaching the peak of universal consciousness, where you feel fully energized, focused and engaged in the present moment.

Our program’s Intellectual Satsang can help you expand your consciousness and experience ultimate fulfillment and focus.

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