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‘The magic happens as soon as you balance your external world and internal stimuli’

नासतो विद्यते भावो नाभावो विद्यते सत:। उभयोरपी दृष्टोन्तस्वनयोस्तत्त्वदर्शिभि: ।।१६।।

(Reference Bhagavad-gītā Chapter-2, Verse-16)

The Unreal has no existence, and the real never ceases to be; the reality of both has thus been perceived by the seers of the truth. 

‘Never stop running after your dreams until you achieve them to chase new dreams.’
Do you know that there is a marked difference between ‘perceived knowledge’ and ‘experienced knowledge’? Let’s look at it this way. A mango—juicy, golden, and sweet; a tropical paradise in a fruit, a burst of sweet sunshine with every luscious bite. For those who have never had a ripe mango, this is perceived knowledge. You know because you are being told. Those who have eaten a mango may say this is an understatement, that the taste and joy of eating a mango cannot be described in words. That is experienced knowledge. We guide you to nourish your consciousness at the root level by incorporating Self-Inquiry as a pathway to greater happiness. Discover pragmatic, operationalized, easy-to-use methods and resources that can help enhance your awareness and improve every aspect of your life. Self-Inquiry-led awareness plays a vital role in Self-Discovery, positively impacting all aspects of life—social, professional, healing, love, health, and wealth. High levels of consciousness attract fruitful outcomes even in the most unexpected situations. You can achieve this and more without disconnecting from the real world. You are the focal point of this program.

Our Unique Approach

Self-inquiry Experiential Exercise – Beyond Meditation

Infinite Consciousness is a gift to every human being. Our founder Sri Bhupendra’s research has discovered that consciousness is the base of existence. In contemporary times, consciousness research has become an interdisciplinary field involving neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, philosophy, and other disciplines. It is not just a subject for researchers or sages but is a very pragmatic way to live the life of your dreams. It is the environment in which our whole world exists.

Meditation is an overused term. You cannot meditate by just following specific methods and techniques. Meditation is when you are entirely immersed in the present moment. The experience of being in the present moment, the exhilaration you achieve from letting yourself live that moment to the fullest, is meditation.

Mind and consciousness are interconnected, and we can experience both by rewiring our brain patterns. Our guided meditation helps you attract opportunities, resources, success, happiness, and liberation. In this holistic healing program, we help you answer the pivotal question of your existence: ‘Who am I?’

“Dance appears when the dancer dissolves into it.

Love appears when the lover dissolves into it

Rest of impressions are just


Sri Bhupendra

For you to understand from the ‘Realistic Lens’:

Seiz the moment my friend, it has the key. Being fully immersed into the RIGHT action in the present moment without drifting in the past pains or future outcomes helps you accomplish any task with precision and awareness.

Who decides what is “Right”? Your own consciousness which is connected with the universal consciousness – Supreme intelligence – Yes!

You can never go wrong when your actions are driven by your consciousness.

Thoroughly Researched

The Science Behind the Philosophy

Our Mantra, “Live the Life of Your Dreams”
Circle of Consciousness & Happiness emphasizes Self-Inquiry and the expansion of consciousness as pathways to greater happiness and fulfilment through science-backed techniques. Our researchers and scientists provide simple solutions for human problems backed by scientific frameworks and tools. These methods were developed based on the findings of 30 years of intensive research. The mantra of this journey of Self-Discovery is, “Live the life of your dreams!”

A strong and profound link exists between how we feel on the inside and what we experience on the outside. While our thoughts and physical being could be at the forefront of our experiences, our awareness of the larger forces, the universe, shapes them.

Our choices have designed the world we live in today. From small decisions individuals make to monumental cultural shifts, each action has a ripple effect on the present. It is essential to remember that we have the power to change the course of our future. The quality and standard of our present life are closely linked to the quality and depth of our awareness. The joy of expanded consciousness unlocks the beauty and enormous potential within us.

Practically Usable

Decisions taken from the higher level of consciousness

Vedant Based

‘A greatest enemy- an agitated mind

A wonderful friend- a clam and composed mind’

Our research focuses on ways of life and enlightenment mentioned in our Vedas and other spiritual texts and scientifically assessing their impact on our lives. Do they work? What needs to be done to explore their full potential? Our research answers these questions and offers practical ways to implement life-changing methods daily.


Planes of Consciousness

Silver Line of Science

Impact of Earth’s Consciousness on Human Health

Imagine the Earth’s consciousness as a speeding train, ready to take off towards greater enlightenment. Like a train leaving the station, Earth’s consciousness is picking up speed. To catch this train and experience true happiness and alignment with the universe, you need to increase your speed through self-inquiry and expanding your consciousness. If you don’t, you’ll be left behind on the platform, struggling with your life’s chaos, stress, and misalignment. It’s time to hop on board and stay connected to the uplifting flow of existence.

Seeing how gradual shifts in the Earth’s frequency impact our consciousness is fascinating. The recent spiking of Schumann resonance, the low-frequency waves circling Earth, is a powerful reminder of our transformative times. Schumann resonance, which was stable at the resonant frequency of 8.6 hertz for a long time, touched 36 hertz in 2017 and is still going up. Our groundbreaking and thorough research is based on the Schumann frequency’s positive effects on humans, including enhanced physical and mental well-being, reduced stress, and better relaxation and healing.


For Self-Inquiry