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Philosopher-Scientist Sri Bhupendra

यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जन: | स यतप्रमाणं कुरुते लोकस्तदनुवर्तते ||21||

(Reference Bhagavad-gītā Chapter-3, Verse-21)

“For whatever a great man does, that very thing other men also do; whatever standard he sets up, the generality of men follow the same.”

Sri Bhupendra

Founder of Circle of Consciousness & Happiness

The Circle of Consciousness and Happiness is an inspired movement led by him to foster the growth and cultivation of higher consciousness among individuals to become a visionary leader. Its primary objective is to help individuals in manifesting their dreams by integrating the realms of Spirituality (Self-Inquiry) and Science (of Consciousness). Circle of Consciousness & Happiness is in the making of harmonious world with the blend of these two domains, leveraging power of collective consciousness to propel reform on a global scale.
Sri. Bhupendra

“Leaders show the way, because they know the way”

Sri Bhupendra’s extensive literary contributions encompass scientific journals and books, soon available in public libraries and markets. He has crafted the Self-Inquiry practical technique to ensure a practice-based experience beyond contemplation or introspection. He encourages everyone to read the ‘Self’ first. Every human is a unique set of books, no second one available parallel or similar to that one. The ‘real self’ is the book buried under the dust of deeds, desires, greed, guilt, shame, and competition. First, one has to find it to clean the dust, then try to open it and the reading happens. Sri Bhupendra employs the metaphor of a book to describe the complexity and uniqueness of each individual. Just as every book contains a distinct narrative, every human possesses a unique combination of experiences, traits, and potentialities. This analogy highlights the richness and depth of human existence, emphasizing the value of exploring one’s own inner world.
” Consciousness is not a science to be tested, it’s a mother of all science to be experienced by stepping into its domain.” Sri Bhupendra has traveled to most of the countries throughout the world to become familiar with cross-cultural challenges that people are facing, and has taken an active participation in social and leadership development programs at Cambridge University, UK, Harvard Business School, Boston and Stanford University, California, along with other reputed institutions, universities and organizations, around the globe, to comprehend the fundamental human challenges and decisions, and to provide research based scientific tools and technologies to resolve those challenges efficiently. This holistic approach grants him a panoramic view of humanity’s core challenges, enabling him to craft and refine spiritual tools meticulously designed for efficient and impactful resolution. His lifelong dedication to studying the science of spirituality and interactive experiments with human consciousness reinforces the profound notion
The concept of being a perpetual student encapsulates Sri Bhupendra’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and continuous learning attitude. He approaches life with an insatiable curiosity, constantly seeking to understand and improve upon every aspect of existence for the betterment of humanity. Sri Bhupendra’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident in his dedication to creating, refining, and perfecting the spiritual tools and techniques aimed at fostering holistic well-being and societal advancement. He recognizes that the journey towards creating a beautiful paradise for all requires an ongoing process of growth and evolution. His mission to cultivate equal opportunities for all individuals to realize their dreams reflects his belief in the power of education and empowerment. By enabling others to live thriving lives and fostering holistic, loving, and compassionate societies, Sri Bhupendra strives to create a world where everyone can flourish.
Sri Bhupendra leads multiple organizations globally, including the Soul Foundation Trust, Soul System Research and Development, Induskargha, and Lyngum Innovations Pvt. Ltd. which supports rural and tribal artisans, promotes women’s empowerment and child rights, and addresses safety and protection issues. His foundation actively works towards empowering women, ensuring child rights, safety, and protection, and was invited to prestigious global summits like the G-20.
“There are two captivating ways to unveil the ‘truth’- seek spiritually or explore scientifically.” As a spiritual seeker, Sri Bhupendra’s teachings are founded on the ancient concept from Vedanta called as “Self-Inquiry”. And being today’s scientific explorer, he has swiftly modernized the spiritual concepts using current language and relevance which helps us loosen the grip on old habits, and conditionings, and helps us experience freedom.


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