My Wife a Carrier of Divine Energy

I had a desire to enter into US politics and one fine day, I announced my decision to run for council member in the upcoming 2024 elections. I used to go back on forth on my decision knowing the impact of politics on me being a person of sensitive nature. How did I decide?I had witnessed immediate changes happening around the family members since my wife Kanchan Wagh joined the #COCH (Circle of Consciousness and Happiness). My bold decision was the impact of divine energy which she brought home practicing a simple technique devised by 3 decades of research by Bhupendra C. The sequence of events unfolded so rapidly that my community supporters and well-wishers declared my candidacy at a high-profile event. All this happened in one week’s time frame, I still couldn’t believe it. The impact of energy was so profound to trigger my curiosity and interest to join COCH and practice the technique. Now I am planning my election strategies to translate my dream into reality knowing that I have energy guidance on the path.


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