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#FACTThe research-based fact says that your thoughts and beliefs shape your reality; they are not passive but super-active forces at work. Your current situation is a reflection of your thoughts and actions you seeded at the source level – inside of you. #TOOLGenerate quality thoughts with purpose and precision in the present moment, right here, right now, right away! #OUTPUTTake responsibility for your inner world and empower yourself to create your desired external reality.Objectify your thoughts with greater awareness to manifest dreams having unlimited outcomes.

My Wife a Carrier of Divine Energy

I had a desire to enter into US politics and one fine day, I announced my decision to run for council member in the upcoming 2024 elections. I used to go back on forth on my decision knowing the impact of politics on me being a person of sensitive nature. How did I decide?I had witnessed immediate changes happening around the family members since my wife Kanchan Wagh joined the #COCH (Circle of Consciousness and Happiness). My bold decision was the impact of divine energy which she brought home practicing a simple technique devised by 3 decades of research by Bhupendra C. The sequence of events unfolded so rapidly that my community supporters and well-wishers declared my candidacy at a high-profile event. All this happened in one week’s time frame, I still couldn’t believe it. The impact of energy was so profound to trigger my curiosity and interest to join COCH and practice the technique. Now I am planning my election strategies to translate my dream into reality knowing that I have energy guidance on the path.

Guru Purnima – An emotion expressed

“Reality is above and beyond but needs to be explored ‘within.’” – A guidance by Guru! It feels so real to observe the effect of the sun moving from east to west, causing days and nights. We have even labeled this phenomenon as sunrise or sunset. Now we know that the Sun is intact and at the center, and rather it’s Earth that is spinning, which is causing days and nights.Had our teachers not taught us in schools, would we even believe it sitting here on the earth? We would still go by what ‘we’ think is real with our tiny brains, short sites, and perceptions we carry… right? Facts, Truths are far away from perception! Reality isn’t about what we perceive; it isn’t about what we understand; reality is “what it is”!! Absolute and unambiguous!! It is observed only by lifting ourselves on other scales at different heights. Once the reality is established and the truth is out, you just know it, irrespective of your current position. A quest to find the truth about the “Self” is a similar game of reality. It needs subtle uplifting, a shift in view, and a conscious effort to experience who truly “I” am……. Once it’s experienced by our own ‘self,’ the battle ends!! However, embarking on this journey is impossible without the presence of a guiding star in our lives, known as a #Master or #Guru. They serve as a beacon, illuminating the path and providing invaluable guidance. On the occasion of #gurupurnima today, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Guru whose vision is sharp as a laser beam, unique as a retina, and whose focus is pointing like the steadfast directive of Polaris – Invariably upward!I am truly grateful and honored to be guided by such a Supreme – Bhupendra C. GratitudeKirti Gadre


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