ML #machinelearning vs SOS #scienceofspirituality or SOC #scienceof consciousness

ML is a technique to train machines that can learn from past data to increase the accuracy of the output. It is iterative learning for the machine to churn data, identify patterns and use rules/tools to provide accurate output. If I query, how my office commute could be? I get a response about commute time, traffic conditions, and even suggestions about start time to reduce the commute time. It analyzes the data to provide the desired output. Isn’t ML applicable to most intelligent machines called as Human? Don’t we define the objective and then use our cognitive mind as a tool or intertwined rules to achieve the objective? I stumbled upon reading the LinkedIn post “Science of Consciousness”, which mentioned #output, #tool, #facts. Navigating backward from output to tools as rules and facts as data to achieve the desired output. Can I use ML concept for the desired objective could be self-discovery, freeing myself from past baggage, long-lasting inner happiness, relationships, and several such. What rules or queries I can build around these objectives? I felt I am exactly following this on the path of practicing #coch. I sit relaxed either my eyes closed or opened. I connect to the source of energy and start questioning to channel my thoughts to achieve the desired objectives. Define the objective, create queries(rules), let the mind do the data crunch, and through expanded consciousness start witnessing the change. Perfect ML! How this ML life cycle can be viewed in consideration of an objective of self-discovery; a complex problem with many predictions, but one ultimate final objective. What kind of data mind have to crunch? What rules to reach an intermediate objective? What kind of data change (input) would trigger another learning to improvise the prediction? Share your thoughts. This is just the beginning of my thought churning. You might think, what’s the need for it? May be a #coch technique can be embedded into a technology to channel the proper thought process for the desired results.  


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