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Science of spirituality, when I heard this, I thought it must be another marketing term. I heard it again, this time learning how the technique pumps up divine/healing energy to make meditation easier. Maybe I thought, it’s just another meditation technique. But I got curious hearing and watching the experiences of people I knew. I heard a few Cancer patients healing their surgery wounds and chemotherapy pain in just a few weeks,  freeing the mind from unknown fears as well. My curiosity rose to such an extent that I couldn’t resist joining this path to experience it myself. I am a meditation practitioner and have developed a meditation app myself. I have practiced Vipassana for a year, Mantra, Transcendental, and other meditation techniques. I couldn’t gain much other than feeling a calm mind momentarily. I don’t accept any theory unless I experiment with it. As a diabetic patient, some theories suggested not eating certain fruits, while others said you can eat all kinds of fruits. So rather than accepting these food theories as is, I tested them on myself. Having this kind of testifying nature, I joined the path to experiment myself. While listening to divine-guided meditation from the creator of COCH (Circle of Consciousness and Happiness), I felt the energy flow and sensations across my whole body. I started feeling a very unusual energy flow around my left ear, where I usually have chronic pain that results in frequent headaches. After attending a few Sunday Zoom conferences and practicing this technique daily for 20-30 minutes, I felt my left ear’s blockages were almost gone. Could this really happen with just meditation? As an Entrepreneur, I had launched my own meditation app earlier, wherein I had one meditation on Forgiveness. Trying the COCH technique alongside the contents of my forgiveness meditation, the result was unbelievable. I began having a deep feeling of freeing myself from the past guilt. Can meditation techniques be this powerful to free us from past baggage? It has only been a few weeks now since I joined this path, and I feel a protective shield saving me from negative impacts around me. The past is the past, and having a happy and joyful present can brighten the future. With this thought, I am continuing the practice and seeing remarkable changes. More in the next blog! Join me in experiencing this powerful technique to help strengthen relationships, success in professional life, and make life meaningful. This doesn’t have any discourses, no Ted talks—just a technique to witness the unfolding of the extraordinary experiences happening to self and family members. You define the objective, you ask, and you get it. This practice is absolutely FREE for all of mankind. 

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#FACTThe research-based fact says that your thoughts and beliefs shape your reality; they are not passive but super-active forces at work. Your current situation is a reflection of your thoughts and actions you seeded at the source level – inside of you. #TOOLGenerate quality thoughts with purpose and precision in the present moment, right here, right now, right away! #OUTPUTTake responsibility for your inner world and empower yourself to create your desired external reality.Objectify your thoughts with greater awareness to manifest dreams having unlimited outcomes.

ML #machinelearning vs SOS #scienceofspirituality or SOC #scienceof consciousness

ML is a technique to train machines that can learn from past data to increase the accuracy of the output. It is iterative learning for the machine to churn data, identify patterns and use rules/tools to provide accurate output. If I query, how my office commute could be? I get a response about commute time, traffic conditions, and even suggestions about start time to reduce the commute time. It analyzes the data to provide the desired output. Isn’t ML applicable to most intelligent machines called as Human? Don’t we define the objective and then use our cognitive mind as a tool or intertwined rules to achieve the objective? I stumbled upon reading the LinkedIn post “Science of Consciousness”, which mentioned #output, #tool, #facts. Navigating backward from output to tools as rules and facts as data to achieve the desired output. Can I use ML concept for the desired objective could be self-discovery, freeing myself from past baggage, long-lasting inner happiness, relationships, and several such. What rules or queries I can build around these objectives? I felt I am exactly following this on the path of practicing #coch. I sit relaxed either my eyes closed or opened. I connect to the source of energy and start questioning to channel my thoughts to achieve the desired objectives. Define the objective, create queries(rules), let the mind do the data crunch, and through expanded consciousness start witnessing the change. Perfect ML! How this ML life cycle can be viewed in consideration of an objective of self-discovery; a complex problem with many predictions, but one ultimate final objective. What kind of data mind have to crunch? What rules to reach an intermediate objective? What kind of data change (input) would trigger another learning to improvise the prediction? Share your thoughts. This is just the beginning of my thought churning. You might think, what’s the need for it? May be a #coch technique can be embedded into a technology to channel the proper thought process for the desired results.  

The Unconscious Mind (Freud’s Iceberg Theory) & a way to detach rather than repress

After a few weeks of practicing #COCH, my master Dr. Bhupendra C. messaged me to remove “the invisible controller (habits and conditioning)” – As per self-inquiry practice, I framed questions around it. The following night, I  had a nightmare of high severity (I used to have it frequently during childhood and having it periodically during adulthood). When I got up from that sudden outburst, I asked a question, Is this the fear, my body reacted with an impulse, and I repeated the question until my body stopped responding. As a practitioner and knowing this technique, I repeated the questions a few times a day almost for a week and experienced two more nightmares but of less intensity. Amazing! Isn’t it? Now I have been experiencing a better sleep quality without frightening outbursts. Have you ever pondered upon questions – Why do I get nightmares? Or dreams? Sufferings? Many times, we end up saying whatever happening may be because of past karma or even karma of previous life. Why such thoughts? Keep reading for answers. This article is courtesy of https://lnkd.in/gHb8QeW by @saulmcleodFreud (1900, 1905) developed a topographical model of the mind and used the analogy of an iceberg to describe the three levels of the mind. Refer to the below picture. In this article, I focus on the mysteries of the unconscious mind, the rest you can read from the referenced article. In psychoanalysis, the unconscious mind stores repressed ideas and images, primitive desires and impulses that have never been allowed to enter the conscious mind. The unconscious contains all sorts of significant and disturbing material that we need to keep out of awareness because they are too threatening to acknowledge fully. Much of our behavior, according to Freud, is a product of factors outside our conscious awareness. People use a range of defense mechanisms (such as repression or denial) to avoid knowing their unconscious motives and feelings. Freud believed that the influences of the unconscious reveal themselves in various ways, including dreams, and slip of the tongue, now popularly known as Freudian slips. Lie detectors or polygraph tests use body impulses to verify a lie (the body’s reaction to a stored memory from the unconscious mind) Excellent reading! Now what? A question to ponder upon – Is there a way to detach, or erase such from unconscious memory rather than repress, deny, or credit to past karma? This theory Freud documented before 1924, but no solution yet to detach from the past. Now we have a tested technique available for free without technology or wearables. Just sit, receive the energy, frame the question, and experience the change.Add comment to join this path?

Guru Purnima – An emotion expressed

“Reality is above and beyond but needs to be explored ‘within.’” – A guidance by Guru! It feels so real to observe the effect of the sun moving from east to west, causing days and nights. We have even labeled this phenomenon as sunrise or sunset. Now we know that the Sun is intact and at the center, and rather it’s Earth that is spinning, which is causing days and nights.Had our teachers not taught us in schools, would we even believe it sitting here on the earth? We would still go by what ‘we’ think is real with our tiny brains, short sites, and perceptions we carry… right? Facts, Truths are far away from perception! Reality isn’t about what we perceive; it isn’t about what we understand; reality is “what it is”!! Absolute and unambiguous!! It is observed only by lifting ourselves on other scales at different heights. Once the reality is established and the truth is out, you just know it, irrespective of your current position. A quest to find the truth about the “Self” is a similar game of reality. It needs subtle uplifting, a shift in view, and a conscious effort to experience who truly “I” am……. Once it’s experienced by our own ‘self,’ the battle ends!! However, embarking on this journey is impossible without the presence of a guiding star in our lives, known as a #Master or #Guru. They serve as a beacon, illuminating the path and providing invaluable guidance. On the occasion of #gurupurnima today, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Guru whose vision is sharp as a laser beam, unique as a retina, and whose focus is pointing like the steadfast directive of Polaris – Invariably upward!I am truly grateful and honored to be guided by such a Supreme – Bhupendra C. GratitudeKirti Gadre


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