Elevate Your #Consciousness

Science of spirituality, when I heard this, I thought it must be another marketing term. I heard it again, this time learning how the technique pumps up divine/healing energy to make meditation easier. Maybe I thought, it’s just another meditation technique. But I got curious hearing and watching the experiences of people I knew. I heard a few Cancer patients healing their surgery wounds and chemotherapy pain in just a few weeks,  freeing the mind from unknown fears as well. My curiosity rose to such an extent that I couldn’t resist joining this path to experience it myself. I am a meditation practitioner and have developed a meditation app myself. I have practiced Vipassana for a year, Mantra, Transcendental, and other meditation techniques. I couldn’t gain much other than feeling a calm mind momentarily. I don’t accept any theory unless I experiment with it. As a diabetic patient, some theories suggested not eating certain fruits, while others said you can eat all kinds of fruits. So rather than accepting these food theories as is, I tested them on myself. Having this kind of testifying nature, I joined the path to experiment myself. While listening to divine-guided meditation from the creator of COCH (Circle of Consciousness and Happiness), I felt the energy flow and sensations across my whole body. I started feeling a very unusual energy flow around my left ear, where I usually have chronic pain that results in frequent headaches. After attending a few Sunday Zoom conferences and practicing this technique daily for 20-30 minutes, I felt my left ear’s blockages were almost gone. Could this really happen with just meditation? As an Entrepreneur, I had launched my own meditation app earlier, wherein I had one meditation on Forgiveness. Trying the COCH technique alongside the contents of my forgiveness meditation, the result was unbelievable. I began having a deep feeling of freeing myself from the past guilt. Can meditation techniques be this powerful to free us from past baggage? It has only been a few weeks now since I joined this path, and I feel a protective shield saving me from negative impacts around me. The past is the past, and having a happy and joyful present can brighten the future. With this thought, I am continuing the practice and seeing remarkable changes. More in the next blog! Join me in experiencing this powerful technique to help strengthen relationships, success in professional life, and make life meaningful. This doesn’t have any discourses, no Ted talks—just a technique to witness the unfolding of the extraordinary experiences happening to self and family members. You define the objective, you ask, and you get it. This practice is absolutely FREE for all of mankind. 

My Wife a Carrier of Divine Energy

I had a desire to enter into US politics and one fine day, I announced my decision to run for council member in the upcoming 2024 elections. I used to go back on forth on my decision knowing the impact of politics on me being a person of sensitive nature. How did I decide?I had witnessed immediate changes happening around the family members since my wife Kanchan Wagh joined the #COCH (Circle of Consciousness and Happiness). My bold decision was the impact of divine energy which she brought home practicing a simple technique devised by 3 decades of research by Bhupendra C. The sequence of events unfolded so rapidly that my community supporters and well-wishers declared my candidacy at a high-profile event. All this happened in one week’s time frame, I still couldn’t believe it. The impact of energy was so profound to trigger my curiosity and interest to join COCH and practice the technique. Now I am planning my election strategies to translate my dream into reality knowing that I have energy guidance on the path.

ML #machinelearning vs SOS #scienceofspirituality or SOC #scienceof consciousness

ML is a technique to train machines that can learn from past data to increase the accuracy of the output. It is iterative learning for the machine to churn data, identify patterns and use rules/tools to provide accurate output. If I query, how my office commute could be? I get a response about commute time, traffic conditions, and even suggestions about start time to reduce the commute time. It analyzes the data to provide the desired output. Isn’t ML applicable to most intelligent machines called as Human? Don’t we define the objective and then use our cognitive mind as a tool or intertwined rules to achieve the objective? I stumbled upon reading the LinkedIn post “Science of Consciousness”, which mentioned #output, #tool, #facts. Navigating backward from output to tools as rules and facts as data to achieve the desired output. Can I use ML concept for the desired objective could be self-discovery, freeing myself from past baggage, long-lasting inner happiness, relationships, and several such. What rules or queries I can build around these objectives? I felt I am exactly following this on the path of practicing #coch. I sit relaxed either my eyes closed or opened. I connect to the source of energy and start questioning to channel my thoughts to achieve the desired objectives. Define the objective, create queries(rules), let the mind do the data crunch, and through expanded consciousness start witnessing the change. Perfect ML! How this ML life cycle can be viewed in consideration of an objective of self-discovery; a complex problem with many predictions, but one ultimate final objective. What kind of data mind have to crunch? What rules to reach an intermediate objective? What kind of data change (input) would trigger another learning to improvise the prediction? Share your thoughts. This is just the beginning of my thought churning. You might think, what’s the need for it? May be a #coch technique can be embedded into a technology to channel the proper thought process for the desired results.  

Divine Energy fulfiller of my desire to write effectively

A few weeks after joining the COCH, one day I felt my mind would burst. That night I watched TV to divert my mind away from my thoughts. The next morning again the same experience of mind burst. With each and every thought I sensed my mind was churning those into speeches. Why speech? I asked the question to myself (isn’t this self-inquiry?). I recall two previous occurrences; An admin of a COCH group where I am a part of it, had mentioned documenting my experiences and sharing, and second I recall my phone conversation with the Master where I had mentioned my desire to have oratory and practical writing skills. These clues went unnoticed and I continued to have a mind burst. One day, I started writing then I experienced my mind becoming quiet. Energy forced me to write! literally it. How? Could be that, the unnoticed clues transitioned from unconsciousness to consciousness which helped me to start documenting. Now energy is inspiring me to write and improvise my skills. I am not claiming to be an expert but feeling happy with an objective getting achieved. Sometimes I am surprised when some words while writing automatically pop up. To make sure it fits, I end up checking the dictionary meaning Amazing! Isn’t it?Being a techie, I have been writing only technical documents and executive reports now these kinds of articles. I am feeling satisfied. Grateful to Energy for the guidance.


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